Transition Coaching

This program helps executives gain clarity and purpose as they navigate through a change or transition in their lives. We’ll help you explore your options in creating a future that is inspiring for you as well as those around you.

Dr. M.J. Jiaras’ experience working with senior level executives allows him to get to the core of who you are and how to integrate that into your future plans.

Timeline: 3 months

How it Works

Meetings and ongoing support:
A maximum of 10 meetings will take place in person and/or on the phone, based on your goals/needs
Suggested assignments in between meetings will help you gain clarity and a sense of purpose about your future
Unlimited email access and guidance will be provided as needed

Leadership assessments:
We’ll use Strengthsfinder, MBTI and Strong & Skills to provide you with a better understanding of your pattern of interests and how to apply and expand upon them in the future. These assessments will determine:

  • Your innate top 5 strengths
  • Your preferences regarding how you:
    • Get energized
    • Gather information
    • Make decisions
    • Stay organized and flexible

We’ll also provide you with recommended reading materials and suggest additional training, if needed, to support your goals.

For more information, contact us.