ICS Coaches

The Integrated Coaching Solutions team offers a range of knowledge and specialization to meet almost any client need.

M.J. Jiaras, Psy.D. President, Integrated Coaching Solutions, Inc.
An executive coach, motivator and cultural change expert, Dr. M.J. Jiaras blends his academic learning with 20 years of practical experience to help executives achieve rapid results in their quest for excellence. M.J. customizes his approach to meet the needs of the individual or corporation and adds his unique combination of enthusiasm, insight and humor to every session. Powerful executives in a diverse range of businesses highly recommend his high impact presentations and training sessions. Read what our clients say.

M.J. holds a doctoral degree from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. A graduate of Coaches Training Institute, M.J. is also member of the International Coaching Federation and the American Psychology Association.

Debra Loftus, Ph.D.
Dr. Debra Loftus specializes in delivering high impact solutions to improve individual, team and organizational performance. She combines her experience with the CEO/COO leadership levels with a deep understanding of what’s needed to incite individual and organizational change. She is a former Fellow in the Harvard University School of Medicine and holds a doctorate degree from Northwestern University.

John Blattner, Ph.D.
Dr. John Blattner is an organizational consultant with more than 25 years of experience in executive and management level assessments. He is frequently called upon to develop strategic plans to help executives who are facing family and career crises. John earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Fielding Institute and has advanced training in Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD).

Kate Temple

Kate Temple is a Business Executive with an expertise in Human Capital.  With almost 30 years of business experience and a background in Human Resources, Kate has coached and trained literally thousands of leaders from Executive to junior levels within a range of different size/types of organizations.  She is most admired for her practical, genuine and results-oriented style and her business smarts.  Kate believes in helping people/teams find their potential by understanding the business challenges they are facing and helping them to lead with intention and purpose to drive results.  Kate holds a Masters degree from Northwestern University and is currently being certified in the Leadership Circle.  Kate also acts as a key member of Women’s Unlimited, where she is facilitating the growth, development, and mentoring of Executive women through their LEAD program. 

Kim Jarvis, Ed.D.

Leveraging 20 years’ experience in career and leadership coaching and her leadership experience in several different industries, Kim creates and delivers customized organizational, leadership and talent development initiatives aimed at improving individual and team performance and engagement. Kim holds a doctorate in organizational leadership and a master of social work.  Kim is an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council and her career advice has been featured in Forbes, Barron’s, CNBC, Vogue and Moneyish.

Sarah Singer-Nourie, M.A.
From teambuilding to executive coaching, Sarah strives to uncover the genius, play and power in each person she works with. Her inspiring, high-energy presentations use research-based theories and practical teaching to open possibilities for growth. She is an internationally recognized educator and coauthor of Quantum Teaching: Orchestrating Student Success, a manual for bringing new life to the art of teaching.

Songwriting Team

The Songwriting workshops are created and facilitated by Dr. M.J. Jiaras – with help from a team of talented artists and world-class musicians.


Eric Howell

With 30 years of songwriting, performing, voiceover work and creative expression, Eric is as fun to work with as he is a inspiration to your "voice".  Whether he's part of a team, as an individual or as a writer, Eric can inspire "the band" to new heights, while bringing out the best in people.

Brad Nye
With 30 years of songwriting, performing, producing and managing talent, Brad brings a wealth of talent to the table.   His whimsical and insightful style make it a joy to work with him.  His experience as songwriter/manager/producer also help to provide a rich backdrop of experience to insipre you to create anew. 


Alan Berliant
Alan is a master musician, wise-man with the deepest groove in town.  He is also a gifted songwriter/producer and has written music for recording artists, televeision and radio

Larry "Big Dog" Beers
Big Dog is one of the funkiest and cool drummers out there.  He is as much a student of the craft as he is a gifted musician.  Larry has toured with many recording artists and has performed on countless tracks/projects and albums

M.J. Jiaras
Maybe one of M.J.'s favorite "hats" to wear is guitar player.   He can bring it with the best of "em" and you may be surprised at the way he can tear it up on his axe.