Songwriting Workshop- Leading in a New Way

As teams look to be more agile, more creative, more courageous and more strategic there are lots of theories/strategies on how to optimize a team's performance. Most would agree that sustainable learning happens much more from experience than just talking about ideas and concepts.

With that in mind, ICS offers a unique and powerful team-building experience led by M.J. Jiaras. M.J. has been a professional musician most of his adult life and brings a wealth knowledge to the table - both as a leadership consultant and as a studio musican. This team building workshop stretches a team into realms of new focus and creativity. With the help of a seasoned songwriter the team will be broken into smaller groups and write a song...did you say write a song?!? a few hours the team will create a song and then in a few more hours, professional musicians will create a finished recording of your song - with the team adding in vocals, harmonies and other musical nuggets.

In the Workshop you will:

  • Have an opportunity to do something most have never done before - write and record a song
  • Learn to create "fast", iterate "in-the-flow" and collaborate in a new way - offering a rich experience that provides a learned process that can be leveraged at work
  • Have a new understanding of the creative process
  • Be on both sides of the "glass" - being a creator and critic - fostering greater understanding and empathy

Here is what a few people have said about the workshop:

  • "I’ve keep thinking about the song-writing workshop, which really was the best team building thing I think I have done—and that includes some high-budget antics at McKinsey!"
  • "....what a game-changer for our organization. And that you also shred like a true face-melter."
  • "That may have been the best team building event I have ever done...and a ton of fun!"
  • What the song writing showed me is that we can achieve surprisingly anything we would have never thought of together in an open minded environment !