Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps leaders increase their joy in what they do and how they do it. This proven program uses a blend of assessments, observations and discussions to help you acquire a deep understanding of who you are and how you can be significantly more effective in your job. By integrating key aspects of your work life and personal life, you’ll start to see less stress and more success.

Dr. M.J. Jiaras’ experience working with senior level executives allows him to provide immediate insights and feedback to help leaders bring even more value to their organization.

Timeline: 6 -12 months

The Executive Coaching Process will include:

  • An exploration of your goals for coaching and identifying your beliefs
  • An action plan to support your development in meeting goals
  • A set of behaviors and attitudes that are more effective, efficient and in your “sweet spot” for success
  • A focus on your current business issues to facilitate learning in a meaningful way
  • Engaging, thought-provoking sessions that promote a sense of well-being

How it Works

Meetings and ongoing support:

  • Meetings will take place in person and/or on the phone. Maximum of 25 meetings for 12-month program; 15 for 6-month program
  • Suggested assignments in between meetings will heighten awareness and provide additional possibilities for success
  • Unlimited email access and phone support will be provided as needed

Leadership assessments: 

  • A customized blend of assessments, interviews and observation will provide you with a deep understanding of your leadership style and how you can enhance your effectiveness. Below are some examples:
  • Past Performance Reviews – Leverages the information you already have
  • A CPI 260 & Intake Questionnaire
  • A 360 Assessment will tell you how you are perceived by others - interview-based or The Leadership Circle 360 assessment
  • Company – Interviews with three to five people at your current company, e.g., boss, peers or reports
  • In-Vivo Observation involves your coach observing your performance at a mutually agreed upon event/presentation(s)

We’ll also provide you with recommended reading materials and suggest additional training, if needed, to support your goals.

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