Board Advisory Services

As the Board of Directors provide governance and guidance to Executive Teams, the work as is symbiotic as it is challenging. How does a Board provide the appropriate level of insight, wisdom and acquired knowledge to help a CEO and his/her team fuction optimally? Whether it is the changing business demands, distruptive technologies or emerging trends/markets, many organizations need to continue to evolve to stay relevant, vibrant and an industry leader. The Board of DIrectors can be an invaluable asset to help an organization realize their business goals and strategies.

ICS Board Advisory Services are designed to optimize the knowledge base and wisdom of the Board of Directors

Board Alignment Consulting

Board Alignment work leverages ICS's expertise in group dynamics, interpersonal effectivenss and business acumen. Each engagement is customized to align current business strategies, potential growth opportunities and emerging enterprise challenges/needs to create alignment and effectiveness for the Board, CEO and the Executive Team

Value Added:

  • Greater alignment of Goals and Actions
  • Enhanced effectiveness of interactions between the Board and the Executive Team
  • Refinement of Engagement Norms to optimize success
  • An unbiased perspective to facilitate constructive dialogue
  • Positive and productive meetings

ICS offers a unique & creative approach to the enhancement existing Board processes. Contact us to see if we can be of help/service.