Team Excellence

As human beings, our lives – and often our livelihoods – depend on interactions with other people. That’s why Integrated Coaching Services offers group programs for corporate teams and also for individuals who prefer to learn in a group format.

The difference between a functional team, a good team and a great team is discernable and significant.   Most everyone has been on a functinoal team that gets the job done, but little more; or have been on a team that is good and works together well, but just gets along vs. forging ahead; and then there are great teams.  If you have had the good fortune to be on a great team you know it; and the difference is palpable…there is healthy discourse amongst team members with everyone participating, you understand the power of differing points of view, you are motivate to be In and around each other, and you get a LOT done…creating exponential value for your organization and shareholders.

Integrated Coaching Solutions offers a cadre of services to help optimize team functioning.   Our depth and breadth of experiences with teams, team dynamics, processes for success and helping teams get results allows for targeted solutions to meet the needs of each team.   Our premise with all our work with teams is that it starts with clarity – clarity of thought, clarity of strategy, clarity of mission, clarity of intent and clarity of processes to provide effective supports structures for sustainable change.   Once you know where you want to go and who you want to “be”, our job is clear - to help you get there easefully, artfully and with great positive impact.   This allows for increased collaboration and synergies within the team which leads to greater value to the organization.