Team Work

Our ICS Team Coaches are gifted at knowing what the team needs, how to best help realize their goals and aspirations…and have some fun in the process.   Whether it is facilitating a couple hour team session or creating a mult-layered/multi-staged leadership development process we will work with you to customize an approach that optimizes your teams functioning and processes.  It is not uncommon that teams will walk out of a meeting/retreat and realize they got more done than they imagined.  Given our ability to assess what is the “sweet spot” for development/activation, we are able to provide significant value from a targeted process.

Here are some of the areas of focus that we utilize in our work with teams:

  • Creating a vision and values statement to drive the future of a company – while accommodating divergent perspectives of its leaders
  • Creating a strategy for change as a company goes through a reorganization or shift in business operations
  • Dreating Rules of Engagement and associated processes to address real-time business opportunities
  • Any topic on which your team is seeking direction and alignment

Workshops are customized according to the team needs of your organization and can range from two hours to a two-day retreat.

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